something different...

    pronounced: gwáa-páh-cháa


Gilberto Torres      (musical director) gave this Latin Jazz/Salsa band the name of Guapacha in memory of Amado 'Guapacha' Borcela.



Guapacha was regarded as a Cuban singer of tremendous potential before his death at the age of 32 in 1966. He was an extremely talented musician that didn't have any difficulties when singing, dancing, laughing, and improvising. Guapacha was known to have a unique musical style in which he liked to mix jazz, guaracha, acting, and improvisation. 

The word 'Guapacha' can mean several different things. In many Latin American countries the word means pretty or friendly but it can also mean: happy, open minded, different, special, and/or a party person.

Gilberto noticed he had something in common with the person, Amado 'Guapacha' Borcela, and the word 'Guapacha' and decided to name his group after both of them.

Guapacha...something different... 

          New CD "Something Different" Available Now!

Guapacha brings fun and exciting music to listen and dance to by preserving the sounds of the big bands in the styles of Machito and Tito Puente in this NEW recently released CD.

It includes the following tracks: 

2 Latin Jazz Tracks:

Grooved Pavement - Bobby Capo

On Green Dolphin Street - Kaper Bronislaw

& Ned Washington

1 Brazilian Track:

Tive Sim - Cartola

& 6 Salsa Tracks:

El Negro Bembon - Bobby Capo;

Cao Cao Mani Picao - Jose Carbo Menendez;

Ven Rumbero - Roberto Valentin;

A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy - Candido Fabre Fabre;

Todo Tiene Su Final - Willie Colon;

Paraiso de Dulzura - Hector Lavoe Perez

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